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Our Process Creates Value through Clear Strategy




CFH Investment Partners has a reputation of identifying value where others may not, delivering superior risk adjusted returns to investors. Our acquisition strategy relies on the following fundamentals:

  • Focus on markets and submarkets with positive long term growth dynamics
  • Strong local industry relationships which generate proprietary deal flow and unique market data
  • Identification of opportunities where value creation can be achieved through the implementation of operational best practices
  • Disciplined conservative underwriting which targets a cohesive investment strategy and operational strategy

Asset Management

Successful asset management begins at acquisition and ends at disposition. CFH Investment Partners delivers value by executing the business plan developed during the initial acquisition phase, identifying opportunities as market conditions change, and adjusting accordingly. Key activities include:

  • Property oversight, including weekly meetings & monthly on-site meetings to review market analysis, pricing, occupancy, lease expirations and maintenance
  • Fiscal management, including development of operational and capital budgets
  • Ongoing budget-to-actual performance analysis, including cash management and reserve management
  • Periodic investor meetings including financials and dashboard
  • Strategic analysis of hold/sell/refinance decisions

Construction Management

Our tight controls ensure that we deliver on time and under budget, producing strong returns for our investors. CFH Investment Partners directs every stage of the Construction Management process for each asset in our portfolio. Our construction management strategy includes the following elements:

  • Creating and implementing the capital budget
  • Developing a project scope for each component of the project
  • Evaluating bids, and selecting vendors and contractors
  • Hands-on management, including invoice approval and lender compliance
  • Communicating project status to our partners