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Investment Strategy

CFH Investments Partners is a seasoned, entrepreneurial group of partners with strong and proven real estate, investment, operations and finance backgrounds.
Collective highlights of our principals include:

  • Acquired or developed over 8,300 multifamily units
  • Invested in $800MM of real estate assets
  • Chief executive management of organizations exceeding 250 employees
  • Over 100 years of combined management experience
  • Proven expertise in creating value through attention to detail of operations

Our Value Approach Gets You Valuable Rewards

At CFH Investment Partners, we evaluate investment opportunities and select those possessing the best of the following characteristics:

  • Available at a discount to current replacement cost
  • Provide the opportunity to create value through repositioning
  • Positioned to be successful in both upside and downside scenarios

CFH Investment Partners’ value approach to investing is based on identifying opportunities where a disconnect exists between the underlying, or intrinsic, value of an asset and its stated or implied value. Often, a catalyst or other event is required to “unlock” the value.

Commitment, Consistency And Dependability In The Market

Because our core leadership has worked together seamlessly for nearly twenty years, paying strict attention to detail of operations in every phase of the business cycle, we employ the best-in-class operations and financial management experience. We’ve successfully operated businesses with 250 employees, exceeding $70MM in annual revenue. We’ve produced industry-leading profit margins.

We are transparent and ethical. CFH Investment Partners principals invest significant equity capital in every asset that we manage, assuring alignment of interests with our outside investment partners, which include high net worth individuals, family offices and institutional funds.

Our investment approach relies on local knowledge and market-driven insights, within a thoroughly disciplined approach, uncovering opportunity in each phase of the business cycle.